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Other Features of the PDF Scanner

  •  Digitizes Your Documents
  • Automatic edge detections
  • Fast processing
  • Connect with drive
  • Scan anything, anytime, anywhere quickly
  • Share PDF/JPG documents


PDF Scanner Made Easy

PDF Scanning camscanner” is a must have app for everyone, whether you are a
high-school student, a college student, a businessman, even the average "Joes".

This app allows you to scan almost anything in High Quality which makes it a lot easier
for the person to read its content or all the texts present.

The PDF Scanning Camscanner automatically detects the edge of the file that you want
to scan for a much better quality. It also gives you the option to crop the part of your document
that you want to scan.

Moreover, it comes with auto correct features like adjusting the brightness, shadows removal,
& image straightening for higher quality results